Remedies For Dogs with Limping

Limping in the dogs will be an unlikely process to the dog parents. The injuries in the joints, swelling of limbs, fractures bones and arthritis will cause your puppy to limp. It is an indication of the dog that she/he is undergoing severe pain and discomfort which is restricting their normal movement. Consulting your dog’s vet is much more important in such cases. You can manage your furry partner pain and discomforts through applying the following remedies.

Hot and Cold Compress

dog compressing.jpg

Though it is an antique treatment it will be very productive in its results. Examine the right position of your pet’s area of pain and gently apply hot compresses by heat pad on it and similarly repeat the cold compresses with ice cubes.

Natural Supplements

Add natural supplements to your dog’s diet as it needs healthy food stuff to build up their energy and immune power. Boneo canine is the best recommended to use as a natural supplement for limping dogs.

Avoid Motions


The limping dogs may tend to move from one place to other or climb stairs; it should be restricted to the most. As it gives additional pain and inner swelling in their body and thus it will make the situation worst. Best dog nail clippers helps to increase the safety of your pet at low price.

Restrict the Exercises

The limping dog should be under the special care for about 24-48 hours. In that time, there should not be any encouragement for exercising the limbs should be taken place. It may sometimes lead to major issues in limbs.


massage dogs.jpg

Massage gives soothe and relief for your puppy affected with lameness. Gently massage the areas with at most care. Consult your veterinarian’s advice to your balms while massaging your puppy. Massaging provides an effect on swelling to ease and reduce the pain. Massage smoothly with regular intervals in time.


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